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Disaster Recovery/Backups
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Disaster recovery is on part of technology solutions which is mysteriously overlooked.  This is in spite of the fact that it is one area that is legally regulated. Not directly, but the requirement to keep financial documents for 7 years needs to be considered. 

In spite of New Zealand not having a Sarbanes-Oxley type law regulating data retention at this stage, we can be certain that we will be following the global trend shortly.

Disaster recovery planning usually starts after the first (hopefully minor) disaster, but need not be.  The first disaster should be a demonstration of just how well spent your DR budget was!

First steps of consideration are:

  • What kind of disaster am I recovering from?
    • Total destruction (E.G. major earthquake - Wellington, volcano - Auckland)
    • Requirement to vacate our offices (E.G. flooding)
    • Problems in our infrastructure (E.G. the great Auckland power outages!)
    • Server breakdown
  • How quickly should my business be up and running after the disaster?
  • How much/which of my data needs to be recovered - and what would be convenient?
  • How much can I afford - and conversely how much can I afford NOT to!

Once these questions are answered and a budget is set, often times some compromises must be made in areas not considered as critical.  This is where my specialist knowledge can assist you.  I can often find areas where the budget can be stretched by thinking outside the box.

For help in this critical area of your business, please contact me.

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