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Group Policy design
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Group policy is a powerful tool for managing the desktop environment.  While it is not a replacement for a good security implementation, we can certainly make life very difficult for someone wanting to use their desktop machine in a way company policy determines to be inappropriate.  More importantly though, group policy allows us to configure a lot of important windows settings automatically from a centralized location.

As with all powerful tools, group policy complexity can be somewhat daunting.  The most important first step to enduring group policy is used to it's full potential is a well designed Active Directory.  The object heirarchy will have the biggest impact on group policy.  While it is still possible to filter group policy with permissions, this will impact on the speed of group policy processing & should only e used if absolutely necessary.

Some applications can use their own group policy objects, & group policy can also be used to manage these third party applications.  This functionality seems to be rather under used, however.

As with, and as part of, Active Directory design, I can provide services to assist you to ensure you are employing group policy to your best advantage.  Please contact me to request information.

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