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IT Infrastructure - The core of you Information Technology
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IT Infrastructure is a big topic.  It covers networking, routing/switching, WAN, authentication services, email services, file storage, database infrastructure, & a host of other services.  With the big drive over the last several years of centralization, a companies infrastructure is becoming more important.   No longer does the loss of network services affect the one branch, but it could impact the company as a whole. Globally.

A good foundation is critical for a stable computing environment, & it's important to get it right from the beginning.  I can offer you experience in both small and large companies designing and implementing infrastructure in the following areas:

Structured, logical design & Documentation

Equally important as a stable, well implemented infrastructure is the ability to maintain/modify/extend the infrastructure.  Ad-hoc implementations have their place, but generally it is not in your infrastructure, the core of your IT service.  Because of my experience in very large corporates, I can offer very logical & well thought out designs as well as clear, concise documentation which reduces the overall running costs of your infrastructure.

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